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The Impact of a Staged Home

Showing the functionality of space is a vital piece in the listing process. Karen Richardson Group has been teaming up with one of the most renowned stagers in Lamorinda, Donna Kendall, for over 10 years! A Lafayette resident herself, Donna used to own Sieferts Floral Company in Orinda. She has an eye for color, surging creativity, and an understanding for what makes a clean, fresh living space appealing to buyers. Together, Karen Richardson Group creates distinctively appealing properties. We focus on de-cluttering your home, and creating a space others could visualize themselves living in.  The result: quick sales, at the right price, with multiple offers.


​1. Declutter and organize your home so it’s absolutely immaculate.

2. Neatly arrange drawers and cabinets (buyers look inside)

3. Leave light on and open all room doors for a spacious feeling

4. Eliminate unpleasant odors

5. Minimize family photos, religious or politically affiliated items, and personal collections

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